Shopping Sensation with Maximum Satisfaction

Shopping therapy is not quite complete without being in the actual store and seeing the variety of products. By direct observation, there will hardly be any purchase mistake in quality, size, and function. Store service including sales information and guarantee is another added value to the whole experience. Shopping experience is also heightened when done in a place that speaks quality and security in place. You literally won’t break a sweat in the cool temperature setting.


Modern Technology with Un-matching Service & Quality in the Best Cinema!

The theatre technology is constantly on the run. Quality, sound, and layout are getting better and better each day. Plush seats and comfortable studio are just some of the features that highlight movie watching experience for moviegoers everywhere.


Explore Positive, Productive and Creative Entertaining Activities

Not only limited to shopping, malls and department stores now cater to many interesting and meaningful entertainment choices. By engaging in these positive and productive fun outlets, you’ll get to polish your skills, talents and creativity.


The Best, Hottest, and Healthiest Version of you Awaits!

The gym-in-the-mall trend is not without reasonable explanations. Gym centers in your favorite mall is designed to be Time efficient, spacious, complete with the latest sports facility, conveniently located, easy to access, cozy and modern.


Be More Confident and Up-to-Date with the latest in Gadget Collections

Gadgets are no longer an electronic device for appearances, but a crucial modern tool to support daily activities such as education, career, and information. Shopping for your gadget needs is best done in the department stores that are filled with official suppliers and the latest product launch in the most competitive price.


Unlimited Culinary Adventure in the Palm of your Hand

Most malls and department stores use the concept of konsep one stop dining solution to indulge its visitors in the best dining experience. Each distinct and unique culinary preference means a complete selection of cuisines in various types and styles.


An All-Day Beauty & Health Solution with Exclusive Facility

With longer operating hours and even during the weekends, self-pampering and treatments can be done routinely in the exclusive beauty salons in the mall. Soothing ambience, hygienic upkeep, and top professionalism, are just a few reasons why these aesthetic salons and clinics are far more superior.



City of Tomorrow

Jl. A. Yani No. 288, Surabaya - Jawa Timur T: (031) 827 5888 F: (031) 827 0147 Website:

CSB Mall

Jl. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo 26, Cirebon 45131 T: (0231) 235 050 829 1115 F:(0231) 829 1012 Website:


JL. Raya Langsep No. 2, Malang T: (0341) 570 970 F: (0341) 570 967 Website:

Darmawangsa Square The City Walk

Jl. Darmawangsa VI & X No. 42, 43, 45, Jakarta Selatan T : (021) 720 5066 / 720 8321 F: (021) 7278 7250 Email:

Darmo Trade Center

Jl. Raya Wonokromo, Surabaya - Jawa Timur T: (031) 848 2380 / 81 F: (031) 848 3651 / 848 2379

Depok Town Square

Jl. Margonda Raya No. 1 Pondok Cina, Beji - Depok 16424 T: (021) 7887 0101 F: (021) 7887 0410 Website:

Dmall Depok

Jl. Margonda Raya Kav. 88 Depok T: (021) 775 3487 / 776 0215 F: (021) 775 3588 Website: Email : &

DP Mall Semarang

Gedung DP Mall, Lantai 3, Jl. Pemuda No. 150, Semarang 024-358 3588

Duta Mall Banjarmasin

Jl. A. Yani Km. 2 No. 98, Banjarmasin 70232, Kalimantan Selatan T : (0511) 327 8888 F : (0511) 327 2345 Website : Email :

Duta Plaza Bali

Jl. Dewi Sartika IV/ N, Denpasar - Bali 0361-237363


Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.47 Komplek BSB, Balikpapan - Kalimantan Timur T: (0542) 721 3999 F: (0542) 721 3777

East Coast Center

Jl. Kompleks Pakuwon City Kejawan Putih Mutiara No. 17, Surabaya, Jawa Timur T: (031) 5820 8800 F: (031) 591 0700

Bali Ultimate Great Sale 2019

Informasi Promosi Yuk ikuti promo akhir tahun 2019 Bali Ultimate Great Sale dan dapatkan diskon hingga 70% dari 14 mall super keren yang ada di Bali. Selain itu dapatkan kupon undian berhadiah jalan-jalan keluar negeri dan jutaan voucher belanja dengan minimal berbelanja Rp 500.000! Apalagi yang kamu tunggu....

Pemprov DKI Minta Mal Kasih Lahan Gratis ke UMKM, Teten: Nggak Mendidik

Menteri Koperasi dan Usaha Kecil Menengah (UKM) Teten Masduki tak sepakat dengan Peraturan Daerah (Perda) DKI Jakarta Nomor 2 Tahun 2018 tentang Perpasaran yang mewajibkan pemberian ruang efektif sebesar 20% secara gratis kepada pelaku UMKM di pusat perbelanjaan yang ada di Jakarta. Menurutnya, kebijakan itu...

WICSF 2019 Coming Soon

Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping Festival (WICSF 2019) akan segera digelar atas kerja sama antara Asosiasi Pengelola Pusat Belanja Indonesia (APPBI) dan Kementerian Pariwisata, yang akan diadakan serentak di beberapa mal di sejumlah kota di Indonesia. Surganya penggemar wisata kuliner dan belanja datang...

Mau Belanja? Tunggu Pesta Diskon Indonesia Great Sale

Asosiasi Pengelola Pusat Belanja Indonesia (APPBI) menggandeng Asosiasi Pengusaha Ritel Indonesia (Aprindo) dan Pengusaha Hotel dan Restoran Indonesia (PHRI) mengadakan Indonesia Great Sale. Indonesia Great Sale merupakan program belanja yang akan dilaksanakan serempak di seluruh pusat perbelanjaan di Indonesia...