Tips Belanja Midnight Sale

Gelaran midnight sale memang selalu mengiringi momen-momen khusus. Bagi pehobi belanja, gelaran midnight sale tentu jadi target wajib yang tidak bisa dilewatkan. Berbagai pusat belanja mengadakan diskon besar-besaran untuk berbelanja hingga tengah malam. Nah, agar…


8 Ways to Make your Hair Color Last Longer

It’s your time for a hair color change, so you go to your favorite salon and choose that new vibrant color. Your fresh-colored hair boosts your confidence and adds to your look’s wow factor. The…


Types of Cuisines You #MustTry in Jakarta

Jakarta is a very vibrant city with people from different backgrounds, interesting places to visit, and of course delicious dishes to die for. Jakarta is a culinary heaven in Indonesia—you can find literally various types…


5 Must visit tourist villages in Indonesia

Holiday does not always mean beaches, mountains, luxury resorts, or culinary exploration. A holiday could be a visit to a local village, observing the village life with all of its uniqueness from the culture to…


Tips for Travelers to Remote Areas in Indonesia

There are many off-the-beaten-tracks locations in Indonesia that are really beautiful and provide experiences for any kind of travelers. These places offer endless activities to do and numerous things to experience. However, going to remote…


5 #MustVisit Destinations in Banda Aceh

Compared to other popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, Banda Aceh is probably one of the lesser visited provinces in the country. The sharia law in Banda Aceh is strict, and safety issues topped the list…


5 Must Visit Keratons in Indonesia

Keraton or Kraton is the Javanese word for a royal palace in Indonesia. Its name is originated from karatuan which means the residence of a ratu. Ratu is the traditional honorific title for a “ruler”…


5 Unforgettable Experiences in Indonesia

Indonesia offers endless adventures and opportunities to explore. You can learn traditional culture, try the amazing foods, and do the “touristy” things like island hopping or sunbathing at the beach. Every nook and cranny of…


3 Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Who says that you need a large yard to grow edible plants? There are many vegetables and fruits that you can grow indoors, even in your own kitchen. These edible plants help you to get…


4 healthy snacks to keep at your work desk

When you’re hungry in the middle of your busy work schedule, you often end up choosing high calories, fatty snacks that you can easily find around your office building (for example, gorengan). These kinds of…


5 Tips and Tricks for Healthier Grocery Shopping

Healthy eating habits start from your routine grocery shopping. The right meal plan, and what food you buy to support your healthy meal is the first step you can do to fix your eating habits.…


5 Places to Fix Your Gadgets in Jakarta

We cannot live without our mobile phones. Even when the battery is low, we are in a panic and looking for nearest electric socket and charge the battery. Some of us even have a fully-charged…

May 5th 2019 - June 4th 2019, Plaza The Central Bazar Hallo Ramadhan
May 1st 2019 - June 16th 2019, AEON MALL BSD City Fukubiki Spin & Win!
May 16th 2019 - June 9th 2019, Kota Kasablanka Ramadan Runway 2020
May 23rd 2019 - May 26th 2019, Senayan City PARASITE INDONESIA
May 23rd 2019 - June 9th 2019, AEON MALL Garden City Light of Ramadhan AEON MALL Jakarta Garden
May 22nd 2019 - June 2nd 2019, Pakuwon Mall Blisfull Ramadhan
May 24th 2019 - May 26th 2019, Ciputra World Surabaya Counting days to WEEKEND SALE!!!
May 3rd 2019 - May 30th 2019, Ciputra World Surabaya Shimmer And Shine

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