3 Alasan Sepatu Putih Menjadi andalan Trend Kekinian

Mulai dari orang awam, artis dalam negeri, hingga luar negeri pasti setidaknya memiliki satu sneaker berwarna putih. Hal itu karena sepatu putih  dapat dipadukan dengan berbagai macam busana dan aksesoris lainnya untuk mendapatkan penampilan yang…


Tips Belanja Midnight Sale

Gelaran midnight sale memang selalu mengiringi momen-momen khusus. Bagi pehobi belanja, gelaran midnight sale tentu jadi target wajib yang tidak bisa dilewatkan. Berbagai pusat belanja mengadakan diskon besar-besaran untuk berbelanja hingga tengah malam. Nah, agar…


Study Tour Philipina

Pengurus & Anggota APPBI  mengunjungi Pusat Belanja di Philipina selama 5 hari yang dilaksanakan pada 17 November – 22 November 2018. Study Tour Philipina ini bertujuan untuk dapat meningkatkan kerjasama pusat belanja Philipina. Asosiasi Pengelola Pusat Belanja Indonesia (APPBI) akan membukan kerjasama dan…


5 Best Souvenirs To Bring From Bali

Bali has a very rich cultural history as can be seen in their varied and high quality art, crafts and cuisine. When you visit this beautiful Island of Gods, it is impossible to resist the…


4 Must Try Mango Desserts in Jakarta

It seems that we’re entering dry season. For the past few weeks, the weather in Jakarta has been clear and sunny, accompanied with high humidity and warm air. Iced beverages and cold desserts are perfect…


Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping Festival 2017 across Indonesia

Culinary Lovers and Shopaholics, mark these dates and brace yourself! For one whole month, from 27th September to 27th October 2017 the Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping Festival 2017 will be the highlight of hundreds…


9 Popular Pasar Ramadan You #MustVisit in Indonesia

One of the things that only happen during the Holy Month of Ramadan in Indonesia is the pop-up markets known as “Pasar Ramadan”. These markets sell various takjil (appetizers for Iftar or breaking the fast)…


5 Tips and Tricks for Healthier Grocery Shopping

Healthy eating habits start from your routine grocery shopping. The right meal plan, and what food you buy to support your healthy meal is the first step you can do to fix your eating habits.…


Food Featured in Korean Dramas That You Want to Try

Just like Bollywood, Korean Wave is spreading like wildfire across the world. The number of Korean dramas and show viewers in Indonesia have been increasing for the past few years, and more and more national…


#WhatToEat: 7 Trendy Cheese Treats You Need to Try in Jakarta !

Calling all cheese lovers! Most of you would agree that cheesy dishes are really undeniable treats. It is not surprising that almost everything with cheese is automatically a trend among foodies. In Jakarta, there are…


4 Recommended Pet Supplies Stores in Jakarta !

Taking care of pets, is very similar to taking care of children. You need to shower them with affection, give them medicine when they’re sick, take them to the doctor for regular check-ups, prep them,…

May 5th 2019 - June 4th 2019, Plaza The Central Bazar Hallo Ramadhan
May 1st 2019 - June 16th 2019, AEON MALL BSD City Fukubiki Spin & Win!
May 16th 2019 - June 9th 2019, Kota Kasablanka Ramadan Runway 2020
May 23rd 2019 - May 26th 2019, Senayan City PARASITE INDONESIA
May 23rd 2019 - June 9th 2019, AEON MALL Garden City Light of Ramadhan AEON MALL Jakarta Garden
May 22nd 2019 - June 2nd 2019, Pakuwon Mall Blisfull Ramadhan
May 24th 2019 - May 26th 2019, Ciputra World Surabaya Counting days to WEEKEND SALE!!!
May 3rd 2019 - May 30th 2019, Ciputra World Surabaya Shimmer And Shine

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