Bringing Shopping Centres and Visitors Closer Through Direct Interaction

The advancement of online shopping technology via gadgets and smartphones does not replace the importance of shopping centers for direct consumers. Rather than a classic marketplace, shopping malls have become an essential part of modern lifestyle as an avenue to connect people through life moments and activities that are fun, inspiring and interactive.



To act as a united and synergized front in maintaining and prioritizing a steady and sustainable business growth in the industry of shopping centres that consequently result in positive contribution for the society and country in building a strong regional economics growth.


To position the shopping center industry in Indonesia as one of the core strength in thriving and solidifying the national economics growth.

About Indonesia Shopping Center Association (APPBI)

Established since September 1998, Indonesia Shopping Center Association is a non-profit organisation consisting of Indonesian mall owners and management. As a united front, we build a strong relation among members, government, and other related parties through communication and collaboration that aim for global economic success and regional growth.

Pengurus Inti

Team Bendahara

Team Bidang Hubungan Internasional

Ketua Forum Komunikasi Security Nasional

Dewan Pembina

Team Bidang Hukum & Advokasi

Team Bidang Event & Sponsor

Team Promosi & Komunikasi

Team Bidang UMKM


A. Stefanus Ridwan. S

Ketua Umum

Alphonzus Widjaja

Wakil Ketua Umum

Darwin A. Roni

Sekretaris Jendral

Heru Nasution

Wakil Sekretaris Jendral

Jeffri S. Tanudjaja


Anthony Sondakh

Ketua Bidang Hubungan Internasional

Yosua Tambayong Tji

Wakil Ketua Bidang Hubungan Internasional

Martin Marpaung

Ketua Bidang Organisasi

Teddy Marco

Wakil Ketua Bidang Organisasi

Irwan Sandjaja

Ketua Bidang Pendidikan & Sertifikasi

Samia Safa Nurrahmah

Wakil Ketua Bidang Pendidikan & Sertifikasi

Hery Sulistyono

Ketua Bidang Hukum & Advokasi

Karman Karim

Wakil Ketua Bidang Hukum & Advokasi

Lucky H, Naftali

Anggota Bidang Hukum & Advokasi

Fiji Edward Agustinus S

Anggota Bidang Hukum & Advokasi

Ian Wisan

Ketua Bidang UMKM

Rizal Mulyana

Wakil Ketua Bidang UMKM

Shienny Yunita

Anggota Bidang UMKM

Cliffian Wisan

Anggota Bidang UMKM

Teges Prita Soraya

Ketua Bidang Event & Sponsor

Sandra Pukarta

Wakil Ketua Bidang Event & Sponsor


Ketua Bidang Promosi dan Komunikasi

Himawan Mursalim

Wakil Ketua Bidang Promosi dan Komunikasi

Wijaya Putra Salim

Anggota Bidang Promosi dan Komunikasi

Cliantha Wisan

Anggota Bidang Promosi dan Komunikasi

Sugwantono Tanto

Ketua Dewan Pembina

Arnes Lukman

Anggota Dewan Pembina

Handaka Santosa

Anggota Dewan Pembina

Lanny Dharmawan

Anggota Dewan Pembina


Ketua Forum Komunikasi Security Nasional (FKSN)