Wonderful Indonesia & Culinary Shopping Festival 2017

For one entire month from 27 September to 27 October 2017, no less than 100 malls across Indonesia in 14 major cities are open to serve all customers to the Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping…


5 #MustVisit Destinations in Banda Aceh

Compared to other popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, Banda Aceh is probably one of the lesser visited provinces in the country. The sharia law in Banda Aceh is strict, and safety issues topped the list…


5 Art Galleries to Visit in Jakarta

Where do you usually spend the weekend in Jakarta? Shopping malls, parks, or restaurants are probably too mainstream to spend your weekend. But, Jakarta has endless of options when it comes to interesting places where…


5 Must Visit Keratons in Indonesia

Keraton or Kraton is the Javanese word for a royal palace in Indonesia. Its name is originated from karatuan which means the residence of a ratu. Ratu is the traditional honorific title for a “ruler”…


5 Unforgettable Experiences in Indonesia

Indonesia offers endless adventures and opportunities to explore. You can learn traditional culture, try the amazing foods, and do the “touristy” things like island hopping or sunbathing at the beach. Every nook and cranny of…


5 Best Hair Salons for Hair Coloring in Jakarta

Are you looking to change the way your hair looks, but don’t want to cut it? Just update your hair color. Although there are products available on the market for do-at-home hair coloring, it’s always…


Our picks of the best facial treatments in Jakarta

We all agree that Jakarta is a hot and humid city and it takes an extra effort to keep our skin healthy while living in this Big Durian. The dust, the fumes, the pollutants assails…


9 Popular Pasar Ramadan You #MustVisit in Indonesia

One of the things that only happen during the Holy Month of Ramadan in Indonesia is the pop-up markets known as “Pasar Ramadan”. These markets sell various takjil (appetizers for Iftar or breaking the fast)…


4 Must Try Poke Bowls in Jakarta

Poke bowls are currently having a moment, especially among foodies in Jakarta. In case you missed it, poke (pronounced ‘poh-kay’ not ‘pohk’) is a traditional Hawaiian dish made up of the combination of raw fish,…


3 Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Who says that you need a large yard to grow edible plants? There are many vegetables and fruits that you can grow indoors, even in your own kitchen. These edible plants help you to get…

November 1st 2017 - November 30th 2017, Kalibata City Square Video & Blog Kontes 2017
November 1st 2017 - November 26th 2017, Plaza Semanggi Sparkling You
November 1st 2017 - November 26th 2017, Plaza Semanggi Deja Vu Culinary Reborn
November 1st 2017 - November 30th 2017, lippo Plaza Kramat Jati Ladies Day
November 11th 2017 - November 25th 2017, Lippo Mall Kuta Step it Up Dance Competition
November 11th 2017 - November 26th 2017, Lippo Mall Kuta Step it Up Dance Competition
November 1st 2017 - November 30th 2017, Lippo Mall Kuta Bali’s most Happening Hangout
November 1st 2017 - November 30th 2017, Mall Metropolis Town Square Warna Warni