5 Best Hair Salons for Hair Coloring in Jakarta

Are you looking to change the way your hair looks, but don’t want to cut it? Just update your hair color. Although there are products available on the market for do-at-home hair coloring, it’s always…


Our picks of the best facial treatments in Jakarta

We all agree that Jakarta is a hot and humid city and it takes an extra effort to keep our skin healthy while living in this Big Durian. The dust, the fumes, the pollutants assails…


3 Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Who says that you need a large yard to grow edible plants? There are many vegetables and fruits that you can grow indoors, even in your own kitchen. These edible plants help you to get…


5 Tips for Clear Skin for Women Over 40

Did you realize that the little crinkles at the corner of your eyes seem to be more prominent? Did you find that those crinkles have formed into a taunting wrinkle that won’t go away after…


4 healthy snacks to keep at your work desk

When you’re hungry in the middle of your busy work schedule, you often end up choosing high calories, fatty snacks that you can easily find around your office building (for example, gorengan). These kinds of…


4 Superfood Trends in 2017

Another new year means that there should be at least one thing that gets better than the previous year. People start struggling to achieve their New Year goals, and Eat healthier foods is probably one…


5 Hair Trends for 2017

We will usher in the new year 2017 in a few days. It might seem too early, but it might be time to think about the upcoming hair trends for 2017. It’s always fun to…


DIY 5 Face Masks for a Glowing You !

Apply face masks at least once a week with a flat face brush, moving the brush in the upward direction. A face mask helps to draw out dirt from clogged pores. It gives a smooth…


4 Healthier Alternatives to Coffee !

For some people, a cup of coffee in the morning is a must to start the day. Coffee makes you more ‘awake’, energized, and keeps yourself alert. Many people even need more than one cup…


5 Recommended Affordable Spas in Bali

Bali is really a destination where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can sunbathe by the beach, surf, swim, snorkel, dive and do anything that will make you forget…

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November 11th 2017 - November 26th 2017, Lippo Mall Kuta Step it Up Dance Competition
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