5 Tips and Tricks for Healthier Grocery Shopping

Healthy eating habits start from your routine grocery shopping. The right meal plan, and what food you buy to support your healthy meal is the first step you can do to fix your eating habits.

Below we list the grocery shopping tips that you can do to have a healthier eating habit:


Plan ahead

Experts say that the process of healthy eating starts even before you head to the grocery store. Plan your meals for the week, and create a list to shop from. This way you don’t need to impulsively buy foods (which usually lead to unhealthy eating options) and you can save more cash.

Choose colorful foods

This does not include colorful biscuit and chocolate packaging. The colorful foods that you should choose are colorful vegetables and fruits. The colors reflect the different vitamin, mineral, and other nutrients content of each fruit or vegetable.

Be careful with yogurt

Yes, you probably found many meal plans that include yogurt in them. But, it’s important to remember that not all yogurts are made with the same ingredients. Take a closer look to the sugar content in the product. It’s better to stay away from flavored yogurts as they usually contain more sugar and additives.

Choose lower fat milk and alternatives

In addition to yogurt, milk is often included in healthy diet. But, instead of full-cream milk, buy skin, 1% or 2% milk or a fortified soy beverage as healthier options. Plan to drink two cups every day for adequate vitamin D.

Oils and fats

Choose vegetable oils such as canola, olive, and soybean, low fat-mayonnaise and soft margarine that are low in saturated and Trans fats. Limit butter, hard margarine, lard and shortening.
Source: www.indoindians.com/10-tips-and-tricks-for-healthier-grocery-shopping/


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