4 Must Try Mango Desserts in Jakarta

It seems that we’re entering dry season. For the past few weeks, the weather in Jakarta has been clear and sunny, accompanied with high humidity and warm air. Iced beverages and cold desserts are perfect companion to cool us down during this dry season.

As if answering the demand for delicious, refreshing drinks and desserts, these five dessert parlors launched new mango-based desserts that are perfect for hot weather. The sweet mango, combined with shaved ice, milk, and other ingredients make these desserts instantly become favorite among Jakarta’s foodies. We bet that you’ve seen the images of these desserts on your social media tab.

Are you curious? Here are four must try mango-based desserts in Jakarta:

King Mango

Source: eatandtreats.blogspot.com
King Mango is the pioneer of mango dessert trend in Jakarta. A cup of mango dessert from King Mango Thai consists of mango juice, mango puree, thick sweet cream in between and mango slices and mango sorbet topping. It comes in a large, tall cup that will definitely satisfy your craving to refreshing mango dessert. However if you are not a big eater/drinker, it is better to get one cup and share for two.

Ps: expect a long queue to get this hip drink!

Price Rp50,000/cup

Where to buy this:

Neo Soho Mall Jakarta, LG, Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28 Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta

Go Mango


Source: @w1trash on Twitter

Go Mango is a relatively new dessert outlet in Jakarta. The mango dessert of Go Mango comes in the form of medium cup of mango juice with mango sorbet, whipped coconut milk, and cubes of sweet mango. Compared to the one from King Mango, Go Mango puts generous amount of coconut milk which surprisingly balances the overall taste.

If you want to try this dessert, make sure you come around noon as it is sold fast!

Price: Rp28,000

Where to get this:

Mall Ambasador 4th floor (Food District), Jalan Prof Dr Satrio, Kuningan, South Jakarta Phone 021-5766688

Mango Mango

Source: @bikingendut on Instagram

Mango Mango is also a newcomer in the mango dessert trend. The menu of Mango Mango is similar to King Mango and Go Mango: mango juice with thick coconut cream and shaved mango ice. There are also cubes of sweet mango on top. If you want the less-calorie version, you can order the drink without coconut cream.

Price: Rp28,000

Where to get this:

St Moritz Mall (Lippo Mall Puri) 2nd floor, Jalan Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U1 Puri, West Jakarta



Source: chapayom-id.com

Chapayom, which is more known as Thai tea specialist, also joins the trend of mango-based dessert with its Mango Tango menu. The unique menu consists of Thai special syrup, pudding, mango ice cream, and fresh mango chunks on top.

Price: Rp30.000

Where to buy:

Chapayom is open in a number of malls in Jakarta.


Source: www.indoindians.com/4-must-try-mango-desserts-in-jakarta/

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